About Taylor Tampa

First off, welcome and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! My name is Taylor Tampa (I know, movie star status name, right?) and I’m a writer. No, I don’t have a book published (yet) and no, I don’t have an agent (again, yet), but, yes, I am a writer. How can I say this? Well, my middle school English teacher told me I was, so it must be true.

Being a writer is more than having your work published or recognized. It’s about pouring out your soul, no matter if you have a million people reading your work, or just your mom. If you have sat down (or stood, I’m not going to box you in) and made the effort to write something, then you, too, are a writer.

It’s a scary and fantastic feeling, right?

So, a little about me:
-I’m married to the love of my life.
-We have a puppy, named Macklin, who is mostly sleepy but can also be a brat.
-I am a pretty blunt individual.
-According to the Myers-Briggs’ Personality Test I’m an ISTJ. And, according to a Harry Potter chart (which is obviously reputable), that makes me Snape. (Fun side fact: according to that same chart, my husband is Lily. How’s that for an interesting dynamic?)

I’ve spent way too much of my short life not believing in myself as a writer, and I’m currently making the effort to change that. One of the steps in my process is revamping my blog and giving you, my lovely readers, content you enjoy reading. If you have any suggestions, please comment on any of my posts. I will respond! Promise!

You can also follow me on twitter at @tclem91 (don’t hate on the name, I made it a long time ago).


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