Weekend Inspiration: Learning from the Greats

I’m currently writing an analysis of Matilda by Roald Dahl and Coraline by Neil Gaiman for one of my graduate classes. Looking up information on Dahl got me to thinking. I so often take inspiration and seek out the opinions of my favorite current writers that I tend to forget to look to my favorite classic writers. Writers like Bradbury, Lowry, C.S. Lewis, and Dahl shaped my childhood and now shape my adulthood. How can I have forgotten to include them in my research on writing?

So today, I encourage you to find quotes and interviews and articles on writing from your favorite classic writers. Soak them in this weekend and see how you can use the words from the greats to influence your writing today. I mean, obviously they knew what they were doing…


Here’s the link to the website I found on Roald Dahl. Listen to the answers he gives for each interview question. So simple and yet so graceful. We could all learn from people like him.



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