Writing Tip of the Week: Don’t Forget to Read

Whether it’s a way to gain inspiration or ideas or a reward for meeting a goal, do not forsake reading. Many writers get caught in the lie that they don’t have time to read, they must write and write alone. If you don’t have time to read, make time.


Reading is more than just an escape, it’s a way to learn, to research. Read your favorite authors in your genre. Learn from them. What do they do that’s successful? What would you change if you wrote this book?

A writer not reading is like a football player not studying his opponents or a math teacher not practicing the problems he’ll be teaching his students. It’s silly is what it is. You wouldn’t expect an architect to never study other structures and buildings besides their own, so why would you think that as a writer you can forsake reading?

This is a short post today because it’s a simple one. Get off your computer. Off Facebook and the internet and whatever other distractions you’ve succumbed to, and pick up a book. Read aloud with your family. Read before you go to bed. Read once you wake up. Find a time and a place, alone or with people, to read.

[Follow me on Twitter @tclem91. But not right now, you’re supposed to be reading.]


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