Weekend Inspiration: Sometimes You Just Need a Good Excel Sheet and Sometimes You Just Need to Delete It

I’m way too organized for my own good. I have my plans written down months in advance (if possible) in at least two different places, and if something falls through, I cringe as I have to scribble it out. I only write in pen. It’s a habit.


I have excel spreadsheets, word documents, planners, notes on my phone, and stickies on my desktop. These things help me stay organized in life and in writing, and sometimes, I just need to delete them.

There’s nothing wrong with being organized. I would hazard a guess that most artists aren’t, and that’s okay too. But what I think I miss out on sometimes with all of my rigid planning are the little surprises that come along in my day. I don’t plan for them, so either A) they don’t surface or B) I have a minor meltdown when they do.


So this weekend, here’s my little bit of advice: are you a planner with a rigid schedule you would simply die without? Delete it. (Unless it’s work stuff that you have to do. I mean like the little nitty gritty of your day.) Are you the one who just flies by the seat of your pants? Try out having a schedule. See what it’s like to set timelines for your writing.

I think we could all do with meeting somewhere in the middle. Don’t be so structured that you can’t handle a curve ball, and don’t be so fluid that nothing sticks. Find your happy medium. I’m starting to find mine. It involves a planner with a to-do list, but less set times things need to be done. This means that A) I am okay with pushing things off ’til tomorrow and B) my life still goes on, the world still goes round. I find myself repeating this to my students every day that I sub. Oh, this isn’t how your teacher does it? I think we’ll live.

So remember these wise words: sometimes you just need a good excel sheet and sometimes you just need to delete it.

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