Writing Tip of the Week: Find a Way to Love Your Job

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with writing. It’s fairly simple: the more you hate your job, the more mentally exhausted you are when you get home. Mentally exhausted people don’t write often, and often they don’t write well.

This is currently a major struggle of mine as a substitute teacher.

I’m in one of those transitional periods in this stage of life. I have to wait until I complete my MA Program before I can do what I really want to do, so until then, I just need to make money so I don’t starve each month. Right now, the only option available to me is subbing, and it is anything but glamorous. Most days I come home ready to cry or go to bed or both. None of which leaves me in a writing state of mind.

The only way I am able to write at all is if I find something to love and I cling to it with everything in me. It can be as small as a kindergartener telling me he loves my hair and winking at me as he swaggers off to the monkey bars, or as big as a student who is considered highly “troubled” having an intelligent conversation with me about the Holocaust.

The good days are few and far between, but there are little miracles every day if I only stop to look for them. Some days those miracles may be harder to find than others, but if I quit my search and allow myself to be swallowed by the bad, I lose a piece of myself. I lose my desire to write and my hope for the future.

So I urge you, those of you who aren’t lucky enough to write full-time, find the good in your day. Look for one way to love what you do and hold on to it like a lifeline. When you get home ready to write, you’ll find yourself in a much better frame of mind.

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