Writing Tip of the Week: Stop Comparing


If there’s anything I fail hard at, it’s allowing myself to become consumed with someone else’s work instead of my own. I look at their life, their writing, their passion and think, why can’t I have that? Why can’t I be more like them?

The answer is simple. I’m not them. I’m me.

I’ve been reading a book called Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman, which is another Christian book about worshiping God in your Tuesday moments (basically in the everyday of life). She goes to discuss how we try too hard to focus on the big picture, when that’s not our job. Like lifeguards, we have an assigned space to look after. This is our passion, our goals, our calling. But we get caught up in looking at our neighbors space. Making sure they are doing their job. Envious of how their work is turning out. But in reality, all we’re doing is neglecting our own work. Emily writes, “My limits – those things I wish were different about myself – are perhaps not holding me back but are pointing me forward to pay attention to my small, eight-foot assignment.” It is in that space where we truly thrive.


Are you allowing yourself to get caught up in what others are doing and accomplishing? It is so easy in today’s mindset to believe we “deserve” as much as the next person. Maybe we do, maybe we don’t. But the point is not to sit and pout over what we don’t have that they do, it’s to use what we do have to create something unique, something that only we can make. You are the only you in this world. Only you can make what you do.

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