Weekend Inspiration: Rejection and Redirection


If you’re a writer, you’ve experienced rejection in some form or another, whether it was an agent passing on your manuscript or a writing contest you didn’t win. Most of the time, we feel the rejection was uncalled for. Our work was flawless, and if you didn’t think so, you’re just plain wrong.

Well, they’re not wrong, but you may not be, either. We aren’t always each others cup of tea. And that’s okay. If everyone liked everything that everyone else did, life would be pretty bland. I like having an opinion. And if I enjoy it myself so much, I can’t take away that same pleasure from others.

So this weekend, rather than feeling dejected from being rejected, realize that there is a different plan in place for you. Now may not be your time and that agent may not be your person. There are a ridiculous number of stories of famous writers who were rejected numerous times. Remember, you are not alone. We are all in this career of creation together. While it may not always work out the first, second, or twenty-fifth time, you are constantly being redirected, and redirection is good. You learn from your past in the hopes of creating a better future.

In short, don’t let the rejection win. Allow it to make you (and your work) stronger and better.

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