Industry News: Using Kickstarter to Crowdfund Your Work

Crowdfunding is such a new idea that even WordPress hasn’t acknowledged that it’s one word (trust me, I checked on Google). But, it’s quickly becoming one of the hottest ways to promote your book and raise money to help you finish it or self-publish it. Granted, this is not really helpful if you plan on going the traditional route, but regardless, it’s good to know your options.

Now, crowdfunding on a site like Kickstarter ( requires some decent work, as should anything you want in life. As a writer, your job doesn’t end when you finish writing your novel. In fact, for some, the hard part is just beginning: selling your work.

There are very few of us who are natural salespeople. I’ve worked in sales for years, and while I was decent at it, I didn’t like it. I’m convinced that no one really likes sales, they just like the payout. And who can blame them? Most salespeople make bank. But in order for your Kickstarter campaign to take off, you need to find your inner salesperson and unleash them, while still maintaining your personality and not going all robot on us.

While I was researching how to crowdfund your work on a site like Kickstarter, I found this site:

It’s really worth the read, especially if you plan on using Kickstarter for your own project, regardless if it’s a book or movie or game or something else entirely. I’m still hoping for the traditional route, so this isn’t necessarily for me, but as I’ve said in the past, it’s foolish to only focus on yourself and your writing. The more you know about the industry, your options, and publishing trends in general, the better the chance you have of choosing the right path for you.

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