Weekend Inspiration: Silence the Voices


Doesn’t that quote give you the chills? I’ve blogged before about how art is not simply painting, but any form of creation. You can replace the word “paint” with just about any type of art and it can work.

For me, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt stuck while writing, my own insecurities holding me back. But I’ve learned that I need to silence that voice, and sometimes the best way to do it is to keep pressing on. I’ve also learned that when the negative voices are silenced, there is suddenly a whole lot more room for the positive and creative voices to move and stretch and take up residence.

So this weekend, here is my challenge to you: create. Whatever your style or medium or method, create your heart out. When that voice within you says you can’t, just continue and prove it wrong. Your defiance will silence it and you will grow stronger as a result. Only listen to the voices that build you up and push you forward.

If you need added encouragement or inspiration, check out my post from yesterday with Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech. If that doesn’t move you, you’re on your own.

[For more inspirational quotes and speeches and the like, follow me on Twitter @tclem91. I don’t think you’ll regret it.]


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