Industry News: Whose Mailing List Should I Be On?

So this post might be kind of boring for the non-writers, but it’s an essential one to check out for those of us serious about one day being published.

Below are a few big boys you should definitely be receiving weekly, if not daily, information from to keep up with publishing trends and writing tips. I can’t stress enough how important it is to at least be somewhat knowledgable about what’s going on in your chosen career. When you do eventually land an agent, they are going to love it if you can have an intelligent conversation with them about the different presses, what the heck Amazon is doing to everyone, and the future of publishing in general. Obviously they are going to be the experts, but it doesn’t hurt for you to know what’s going on yourself. Besides, don’t you want to know if dystopians are dying out (dead and gone, people) before you start writing the one you’ve been working on?

Spending a few minutes each day catching up with your industry can save you tons of time and heartache in the future. AND it can also help you decide whether you want to go the traditional route or self-publish. So without further ado, I give you my suggestions for whose mailing list you should be on!

Publisher’s Weekly
This site is going to have a lot about what the publishers are up to, including acquisitions, fights with Amazon, digital and international news, etc. You can see what books are trending on their website, as well as different tips on writing and interviews with published authors. And they have a job board!

Book Business
Very similar to Publisher’s Weekly in content, though I would say this site is probably geared a smidge more toward the actual Publisher whereas Publisher’s Weekly has a lot of articles for actual writers. Still, a very good one to follow. You can also register for webinars here, and who doesn’t love a good ol’ webinar?

Writer’s Digest
This one goes without saying. If you intend on being a writer, it would be a major folly not to receive these daily or weekly emails. You can decide what you want to stay informed on so your inbox doesn’t get too cluttered, but these site is an invaluable source of writing tips, agent interviews, as well as contests and events, such as their annual conference.

Yes, receiving these emails every day can definitely get annoying. I won’t pretend like I read them all either. I don’t. But I would rather get these emails, peruse the topics, and be informed of anything I might find vaguely interesting, than miss out on words of wisdom that could change my writing career.

What mailing list are you on that you love? Comment below and I’ll check it out!

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