Weekend Inspiration: Move

I’ve been feeling up and down of late about my current work situation (just look at my blog from Wednesday about my mental breakdown), so I felt it was appropriate to leave you this week with a friendly push in the right direction. Or, if you’d like me to be a little more forceful about it, a slap in the face.

I have written about three books at this point in time. One is okay, but needs some serious work. Another is dead and buried in the backyard somewhere. The third I am currently rewriting. And by “currently rewriting” I mean I haven’t worked on it in about two weeks.

Life, you know? It gets in the way. Or so I tell myself.

I have plenty of methods to get my work done (see yesterday’s post) and right now, I even have the time to do it. So what’s stopping me?


I am stopping me.

Whether it’s a combination of my own insecurities, fears, letting my list of chores get in the way of my future, I am failing myself at achieving my dreams.

But enough is enough. I am a blunt enough person with others that I can be blunt with myself. Get up, Taylor, and move your lazy bum. Go sit in that hard wooden chair and write. Ignore the puppy dog eyes Macklin is giving you because he wants peanut butter. He does not need peanut butter right at this moment. What YOU need is to write. So move.
7a0741277171c48ac3e6a83657ee454cI am not a tree. I love that quote. It’s such a punch to the gut in all the right ways. I don’t like being on Chapter 3 of my rewrite. That means I still have a long way to go before I’m finished. But do you know the fastest way to get there? Write. Duh.

Why are you stuck? Where do you want to go? Move.

Do you need a change of scenery? A change of pace? Move.

Do you need a minute to relax? A short reprieve from your busy life? Move.

Move. And then sit still. And work.

Rarely does life hand you your dreams on a silver platter. You have to earn it. So move.

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Also, here is a picture of Macklin acting like he’s hot stuff with his dragon friend.

2015-08-04 15.05.48


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