Wednesday = time to make an effort.

Yesterday I wrote about why you should make an effort, today I want to delve into how.

I’m a practical person. I don’t like discussing theory without discussing implementation. Basically, I like to know what I should do and how I should do it. I like direction.

So to direct myself, I turn to my trusty search engine friend, Google. Google and I have been BFFs lately, and today I looked up top writing blogs. I’m a big proponent of seeing what works for others and adapting it to your own style (not in the plagiarizing sort of way). Here are the top 25 writing blogs of 2014 as decided by Bryan Hutchinson on Positive Writer:

Why choose these bloggers? Because these people are doing something right. They are getting noticed, and it’s not just because they are masters of SEO. They write what writers want (and need) to read. They offer quality advice without taking thirty minutes of your time to give it.

So today it’s time to make an effort. Read some of these blogs and see what can help you with your writing life. Sign up for those annoying emails that send you writing tips every so often. Sure most of us just delete them, but hey, there might be a good bit of advice that makes all the difference one day.

Basically, to sum up my advice for you today: just do it. Suck it up, put on your big kid pants, and just do it. Decide if this is your hobby or your career, and then treat it as such.

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