Follow Friday: Wiseink

Wiseink. Sounds intriguing and educational, right? Right.

Wiseink has a blog ( created by two editors who are trying to help writers like us make smart and informed decisions about publishing. What to do, what not to do, all that jazz.

They stay on top of publishing topics, because they are in the publishing field. The articles the post are not just relevant to the times, but actually applicable, which is rare. I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read by others that are supposed to “help” writers, but instead leave you wondering what the take away is.

Plus, they’ll post fun questions to answer every now and then. And let’s be real, when people with publishing connections Tweet us back, we get ridiculously excited.

Thanks Twitter for making the world even smaller!

Follow them: @Wiseink

And because I’m in the mood, I’ll leave you with a song. Welcome to the world of writing, friends. I’m sure you’ll relate to this one. (Also there’s some cussing and finger flicking, so if that offends you, sorry, don’t listen/watch.)


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