Follow Friday: Your Local Library

So…I forgot to do this yesterday. I was so excited about my four day weekend that it completely slipped my mind. I’m debating turning Follow Friday into Stalker Saturday, but that might make people uncomfortable.

My Follow Friday this week is not a usual agent or publisher. Instead, I encourage you all to follow your local library’s Twitter if they have one. If not, find local bookstores in your area that have Twitter accounts.

If you decide to self-publish, it makes sense to have advocates like your local library/bookstore on your side. I’m not saying they’ll make you a millionaire, but they’re more likely to say “yes” about helping you as a local author with book signings, etc. Regardless, it’s worth a try.

And if you’re from a small town, your library/bookstores are more likely to actively Tweet you back. Having a good relationship with them may not help an insane amount, but it definitely can’t hurt.

Again, sorry about my lateness of this post! Enjoy this song I’m currently obsessed with while I go to my favorite local bookstore and spend my paycheck.


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