Follow Friday: Laura Zats (Yes, I know it’s Saturday…)

Yes, I know it’s Saturday…yesterday was Halloween, cut me some slack!

So my Follow Friday this week is Laura Zats from the Red Sofa Literary Agency. She’s currently in the midst of a #500queries campaign to help us querying authors learn what NOT to do. She also Tweets some great blog posts that are worth a read.

Also, following agents like Laura who frequently post what they have seen a lot of gives you a feel for today’s publishing trend. I’m currently reading Making the Perfect Pitch by Katharine Sands, and one of the articles included in the book discusses how authors need to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not. Publishing is a LONG process, so don’t waste your time writing something that agents are going to reject because it’s not “hot” anymore (for instance, dystopian, zombies, etc.).

So find her on Twitter and follow her. And while you’re at it, follow me too!

Laura’s Twitter: @LZats

My Twitter: @tclem91


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