Writer Wednesday: The dilemma of having too many ideas.

There are times when I can think of nothing, absolutely nothing, to write. Or, on the off chance I do have an idea, I immediately put it into the “well that’s extremely stupid” category, and don’t look at it again until I’m completely desperate.
But what about those moments where you have too much to write? They’re pretty rare, I will admit, but still important to address.
Imagine, you’re sitting at your antique roll top desk, typing on the vintage typewriter your grandmother gave you (it used to belong to your grandfather, but he’s long since passed), drinking a hot cup of tea out of your thrift store tea cup, because you’re trendy like that. You shift in your seat, causing your token writer’s cat to jump from your lap in angst. You’ve been struggling with your story for days now. There are just too many directions you could take your characters. Side note: you are still at the planning stage, because you would never, NEVER, write without a plot outline.
So what do you do?
First, you heat up your tea. This cup had grown cold.
Next, you feed your cat, because he won’t shut up for more than five minutes without his canned cat food.
Then, you sit back down in your comfy chair, wrap a blanket around your legs and set your heating pad to level 3. It’s about to get real up in here.
Finally, you write. Write down ALL of your ideas. Even if you can’t use them right now, they may come in handy later. And you will be kicking yourself when later finally arrives and you can’t recall that revolutionary idea you had before.
Anytime I get an idea, I write it down in the notepad app on my phone. If it fits in my current WIP, then I use it. If I don’t, I save it for a rainy day.
I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard to get all your thoughts down at one time. Your brain works faster than your hands, and ideas may slip by before you’ve had a chance to record them.
Write the most important ones down first. If you absolutely can’t forget your gem of an idea, don’t leave it to chance that you’ll remember it!
It’s a blessing and a curse when you have too many ideas. Between not having the time and not having the writing-stamina, it can easily be overwhelming. The good thing is, you don’t have to write it all right this second. Just be sure to get your idea down on paper (or iPhone) before you lose it!

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