Follow Friday: Lane Heymont

Follow this dude @LaneHeymont
Why? Other than the fact that he’s pretty cool and Tweets helpful things, but he’ll also Tweet you back! Not saying you should go bombard him, but you don’t get that sick-in-the-gut, should-I-have-just-tweeted-him/her-that feeling. Yes, it’s a real feeling. He’ll probably respond, which is a nice little boost to the confidence.
He’s a literary assistant at the Seymour Agency AND an author to boot. That’s the real deal, folks.
I don’t believe he is putting a client list together himself, but it’s possible he would see your query if you sent it to that agency, so why not follow someone on the inside who Tweets important query tips and other scholarly things.
Don’t have a Twitter to follow him? Go get one.
You can also check his website at
And to end with a song, I present to you my latest song obsession, Like Real People Do by Hozier.

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