Make yourself known!

If you’re wondering why I’m suddenly going through this quarter-life crisis and revamping my blog, it’s largely due to this post, which I highly recommend you read.

The title is scary enough.

I already felt confident that if you were to google me, I wouldn’t be hard to find. But the question is, would I be happy with what a lit agent sees? Yes, I’m moderately active on my WordPress blog, yes, I try to Tweet at least once a day, no, I don’t have an author page on Facebook (I just can’t bring myself to do that one). But am I proud of what I display on the Internet? If they picked a post at random to read, would I be embarrassed or proud?

For the most part, I think I’ve written some quality posts. Some have been rants, some have been just me goofing around, but hey, I’ve got to show my personality too, right?

Still, realizing that you are being watched is very eye-opening, especially when it’s in regards to your [hopeful] future career.

I read a Tweet from a lit agent the other day saying that she passed on someone’s work due to their website. I know that Agents have to be picky when they choose who they represent. I’m in a job where I can’t really do that, and it can seriously suck. So to be able to choose the people you work closely with is going to be super important. But do you really want the reason why you’re passed by to be about your lack of a blog or Twitter, or the attitude you display on those social media outlets?

Let’s be real, that would be awful.

So read up on social media decorum. Figure out what best suites you as a blogger/tweeter/tumblr/whatever. You don’t want the reason you’re unrepresented to be over such a simple problem.


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