Passion is a better accelerator than anger.

Facebook posts have been very disappointing lately. It’s like everyone’s goal is to post the most hate-filled status they can about whatever they’re most “passionate” about. I use quotations because I consider passion to be something long-term that you can actually hold an intelligent conversation about. What I’ve seen on social media is a sudden need for everyone to have a strong opinion about something…or everything. I wasn’t kidding in my previous blog post when I said it’s okay to not have an opinion. Seriously at this point, I’d almost rather you didn’t.

It’s exhausting, to be quite candid with you. Suddenly I’m offended at every other post I see because people who don’t know what they’re talking about have become self-proclaimed experts overnight. And it’s annoying. Especially when it’s something that you actually do know about, and what they are saying is oh so wrong.

Maybe you’ve heard of the cheerleader in Texas who hunts big game in Africa? I don’t really know how I feel about it. At first glance, it feels wrong, but when I read more about it (how sometimes she’s rehabilitating them) then I’m like, okay, maybe it’s not so bad. But the truth is, I don’t know enough FACTS about the issue to have a STRONG OPINION. And if I don’t know enough about the issue, I’m not going to stick my foot in my mouth and jump into the fray.

I did however post an article about the whole Steven Spielberg fiasco. Not sure if he posted the picture in jest or if someone else did, or if it’s just a harmless photo of him with one of the dinosaurs. But unfortunately, there are actually people out there who think HE SHOT AND KILLED THIS DINOSAUR. I’m sorry, but your idiocy is too much for me. If you actually think that, okay, I’ll forgive you. We all have our moments. But if you stand on your soapbox and shout it to the online world, I am going to feel sorry for every other anti-hunting person out there who actually has something intelligent to say, because by opening your mouth, you just made your entire side look, well, uneducated. You know what they say, ‘whoever speaks the loudest, speaks for everyone.’ Okay, they don’t actually say that…but they should, because that’s how the internet works.

(The article:

I’m sorry if this post sounds harsh. I do have a positive swing, I just had to get out the negative first.

Now. Passion. Mm, such a good word. It’s a rich word. It’s a delicious word. I like the way it sounds. Passion is a much better accelerator than anger, or bitterness, or revenge, or whatever other negative word you can think of.

When you’re passionate, you want to know the facts. You don’t want to look like a dim-bulb (anyone else get called that when they were little?) because passionate people are happier than angry people. Yea, groundbreaking.

So let’s all pledge to stop the insanity. No more posting articles that are obviously false (if I see one more post that Charles Manson is getting out on parole I’m going to cry). No more posting comments without checking yourself first. Yes, you can delete things off Facebook, but I guarantee you, it won’t be gone before someone sees it. And that someone is going to take a screenshot of it and post it on Tumblr. And if it’s good enough, it is going to go viral.

Just saying.

>End Rant<


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