The art of collaboration.

Well, hello there! Long time no see. (Also you can’t see the title, I’ve tried nine million times to get it to show but it’s not so…sorry. Pretend it reads “THE ART OF COLLABORATION” up there at the top. Thanks)

It’s been a while, and of course I have my reasons. None of them are very good, but they are reasons nonetheless.

I have been writing though, in my time away from you all. It hasn’t always been good writing, or even productive writing, but writing is writing and for now, I’m okay with it.

I have been doing some collab work with an artist friend of mine. I’ve mentioned her before in one of my earlier posts. She’s very skilled with creating images on paper (I’m trying not to use the term artist solely to mean someone who draws, paints, or the like…if anyone has a good substitution for this word let me know) and a musician to boot. She and I will do some sort of creative exercise from time to time to push us from our comfort zones.

Most recently she had the idea to send each other a song, and without looking at the title, we had to write a story based on our perception of the song. I’ll post my writing and the song below, but first I want to take a minute to talk about how important these little collaborations are.

It’s a way to test your limits. How truly creative are you. Can you listen to a song and envision an entire story? Can you write that story? Can you look at a painting and create a dance to explain that painting? To me, that is an artist. Someone who can find inspiration in anything. That is who I strive to be.

Plus it’s fun.

Here’s the piece I wrote and the song to go with it:

The whole trip was like a symphony. Well, most of the trip. It was good until the end. Sorry I’m repeating myself a bit, it’s not often ghosts get to talk with the living.

It was beautiful. I had never seen a ship so grand. They said she was unsinkable. I believed them. I mean, have you seen her? Well, not her her. She’s underwater. So much for unsinkable, right?

You’ve seen pictures though I’m sure. It was like walking into the heavens, angels singing and lots of gold. I mean, lots of gold. Gold and white and hard metals. The supposedly buoyant kind.

We were dancing when it happened. Most people were asleep I think. But my wife and I, we were dancing on the top deck.

It was cold. Insanely cold. We were shivering but she didn’t want to stop. She was beautiful. The stars were beautiful. The dark water was beautiful. It was like a sheet of black glass, only breaking for our ship.

We danced faster to keep ourselves warm. Up one side of the ship and down the other. A few people watched, but no one joined in. We felt alone, and it was perfect.

But then it wasn’t perfect. It ended. Too soon.


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