I can’t stop reading this book.

It’s good when putting down a book is like ripping off a band aide. You hate doing it, but sometimes you have to. You have to let the wound breathe. And sometimes you have to resurface and join the rest of the world every now and then.

Granted I’d be just as happy with letting everyone think I’ve moved away, but that’s not the way things work, unfortunately.

When I was on vacation I went to this amazing bookstore that carries new and used books. The first time you go, it’s overwhelming to the point of being pointless. You walk in, you walk around, you walk out. I can’t imagine buying anything the first time. It’s too much, too soon, but yet so good.

The second time you go you spend $25 on five books. Yup. Five books. All in good condition and passing my rules of buying used books. Most people won’t even borrow books from me. It’s easier to buy your own after I go through the book return policy and make you sign your name in blood.

But I digress. I’m reading Beautiful Creatures right now (which I bought at that book store), because I was told it was better than the movie. So I got curious, and now I’m a little over halfway through. It’s one of those books where you aren’t really sure why it’s taking so many pages to say things, but at the same time, you kind of like it. It’s a nice ride, and if the author wants to take the scenic route, you trust her enough to give her the wheel.

Still, I’m thinking of the movie as I’m reading, and I can’t help but wonder how she can draw out the rest of the movie in the book. I’m probably about half an hour left into the movie, book-wise. I don’t know how she, or rather they, will fill up the pages until the end, but again, I don’t have the wheel. It’s not my story.

I do find myself wanting to read it all the time. During lunch, past my bedtime, right after work. That’s when you know it’s good. If you sacrifice sleep for it, it’s worth the read. I want that to be my book one day. I want kids to read it late into the night, and get in trouble for staying up past ten o’clock. I want the kids to get in trouble, like grounded trouble. When a kid tells me that while I’m signing his/her book, I’ll know I did something right. That is how I will measure my success. Hopefully that’s not too long of a measuring stick. And hopefully the next generation’s parents will still ground their children.


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