First post of the new year!

So maybe I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, but I do believe in change, and I feel it like crazy in 2014. I’m excited. I’m ready. But let’s start tomorrow. I’m really cozy in my fluffy blanket right now.

So this blog is a mixture of posts about writing and my life in general. It’s not meant to be a religious blog, but sometimes that stuff will get mixed in, because it’s part of my life. It wouldn’t be fair not to include it.

This morning at church, the Pastor of Celebration in Jacksonville (not my usual church, but I was in the area this week) said, “The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is how you are thinking about the problem.”

I love quotes, but I usually forget them right after I hear them. This one, though, is different, because it’s actually applicable.

The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is how you are thinking about the problem.

This can apply to so many things on so many different levels. One of those levels being writing.

The problem isn’t that I have to write about 20,000 more words before it’s an adequate length.

The problem isn’t that I’m mentally exhausted by the time I get off work.

The problem isn’t that the TV is on, or the couch isn’t comfy enough, or that I still have to make dinner.

The problem is how I’m thinking about all those things.

I think about them all as something insurmountable. As a reason to quit and start again the next day. How can I expect to write when I allow the way I think about problems to continue?

Last month was the beginning of change for me, and it’s going to continue now. I will continue to write every day. Not on my blog, but on my book. At the end of each week I’ll post an estimate of how many words I’ve written.

My book will be written by the end of this month. And then February will be dedicated to editing and rewriting. By then maybe the agents will have emerged from the slush pile of queries they received in December.

Cross your fingers!


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