Well, this is it.

The last day.

After this I’ll never blog again…

Just kidding, I’m sure I’ll blog again this week. But not tomorrow. Definitely not tomorrow.

I feel like I should write a conclusion of what I’ve learned this month, but I was never very good at those, so here goes nothing.

Writing isn’t always fun. I love writing, and so I thought I had to enjoy it every time I did it. Well, I also love food, but I don’t enjoy it every time I eat it. Sometimes you just have to do it, even if it’s not something you want to do. Like eating brussel sprouts, or ham.

Writing isn’t always easy. There is this lie people often believe that the thing you do best is what comes easiest to you. Like most lies, it’s not true. And strangely like most lies, it isn’t something anyone has every actually told you. It just appears inside and you tend to believe it. Writing doesn’t always come easy to me, and when it does, it’s not necessarily my best writing.

Writing doesn’t always pay off. In money that is. It’s always rewarding when you complete a manuscript you’ve worked hard on, but the goal of writing isn’t, and shouldn’t be, to get published. Of course it’s a positive, and if you want to make it your career then yea, you should aim for that. But if you are writing to get published you aren’t going to write very well. If you write for yourself, or for someone else, and getting published happens as a result, that’s just icing on the cake.

Writing is courageous. I wrote a whole blog post on this one. It’s ridiculously hard and terrifying. And often you won’t feel good enough. As a writer, as a person, as anything. You see other people and their success, and wonder why yours hasn’t come yet. If you want to be a writer, you can’t be obsessed with who you’re not. You have to focus on who you are.

And finally, writing is exhausting. I would classify it in the same category as being a psychiatrist. It’s mentally, emotionally, and spiritually tiring. Some people can sit and write for hours. I can’t. I need breaks, I need rewards. You’re taking your imagination and wringing it dry. Of course you’re going to feel drained. If you’re not, I question how much of yourself you’re putting into your writing.

So in conclusion, writing is wonderful. If you don’t agree, that’s okay. I would kindly suggest though to read another blog, because you’ll probably disagree with 99% of the things I say here.

And I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with me. Of course I’ll keep blogging, and maybe I’ll do this again. But the next time will probably be in February, you know, because there are less days. Except not this February. That’s just too soon.


For your final song, I leave you with this. I hope it’s not too anticlimactic. I’ve just been scrolling through my most listened to songs on iTunes.

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