I’m letting my boyfriend drive my car.

I might regret this.

We get in the car and his face lights up when he sees the little red M next to the stick shift. Granted my car is an automatic, but having the option to go manual is nice, you know, for people who know how to drive that.

You know it’s true love when he puts Lindsey Stirling on through an auxiliary cord that doesn’t sound like it’s the fuse to a bomb, crackling and fizzing, every now and then making a popping sound that makes me think I’ve been shot. True love between me and my car that is. I’m going to get an eye roll for that one.

“7:11 make a slurpee” he says, and I find this incredibly funny. Maybe I’m just being giddy from finally being on vacation, but I feel like rolling all the windows down and yelling.

The sky looks like someone spilled paint across it. Like it was an accident, but then the artist decided he liked it better than it was before. And the stars are exceptionally bright.

I’m ready to kill some zombies.

I’ve recently gotten addicted to the xbox game Left for Dead, and I’m not too shabby, much to my surprise. Sure I get impulsive and start running into zombie hordes or waking up the witch zombie. I always get the most damage out of my little computerized posse, but if they gave an award for valor, I’d be all over that.

I just want to do ten million things right now but I also want to sit on a comfy couch and do nothing. Am I the only one who suffers from that problem? I feel like doing all the things on my bucket list. I wonder if there’s a slow moving train in Jacksonville I could jump without dying. Just kidding mom, I’m not going to do that.

I bet you I’ll get a phone call lecture tomorrow.

Oh well, it’s 7:41 right now and I’m wide awake. I want to go to the beach and look at the stars. I want to find a park and swing dance to no music. I want to shoot some zombies in the face.

I’ve decided that I will do all of these things this week. It’s going to happen in some form or another. And since after tomorrow I won’t be blogging everyday, you won’t have to hear about it. I can just hear the sighs of relief as I type.

But now I need to go jam to some Coldplay, because they’re wonderful and because I’m in a good mood.


Not the song I was jamming to, but still good:

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