Everyone is asleep but me.

It’s nap time right now with my family and I’m stuck with insomnia. But that’s okay, I have writing to do.

Every time I go to write something comes up. There’s always a reason not to write, and they seem to surface the second I sit down with my computer. Usually it’s a phone call or that nagging feeling that I should do laundry. But whatever it is, it gets me out of my zone, which is incredibly hard to get back in.

But again, that’s why I’m doing this post a day challenge. I’ve got to write even when the zone is nonexistent. And if the zone is nonexistent, I need to write until I create it myself. It’s rarely there for me to fall into, and the moments I do, it feels more fleeting than if I create a writing space myself. Do you feel me?

I’ve heard that consistency is good with writing. Finding that one place you can write and going there every day. Well, if I did that I would be broke because I can’t afford a cup of coffee every day. So I have to switch it up, just to ease the pain in my wallet.

Plus, I feel like changes in scenery are good. Sure, there are new things to distract you, but maybe those new things will strike some sort of writing rampage instead. I once created the persona of an entire character based off of a leather jacket a woman was wearing in a diner. I never would have come up with that particular character if I hadn’t been there.

Writing shouldn’t just take place within your own mind. Drawing from what’s around you is important. It’s also a good exercise to help you get ready to write. I love writing exercises. Especially if you have a friend who is talented in another art form. Combining the two really stretches your boundaries of what you think you can do. And it’s like a link between you and that person.

Take dancing for instance. Crossing genres of dance into one piece, in a way that works, is great for both individuals involved. Having a friend draw a picture and you writing the story for it makes you look beyond what you can physically see.

It’s a good exercise for everyone no matter what they are doing. Write a different ending to the book you are reading. Choreograph a dance to your favorite song. Take a couple of your favorite foods and try to create one meal out of them. I love avocado and I put a couple slices with lemon juice on my mac and cheese. Everyone thought I was weird but it tasted delicious to me.

Try new things and see what you come up with. If you do, post it here and share it with others.


This is not my favorite song by them, but it’s an inside joke. Enjoy:


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