I woke up today still loving my new car.

That’s a good sign I think. All I want to do is sit in it. If anyone wants to hang out, you know where I’ll be. Good company welcome. (PS if any of the spacing looks weird it’s because I copy and pasted from my email. I’ve tried numerous times now to fix it and I quit. This is stupid. So sorry in advance for it possibly looking weird…)Well, the end is in sight for my post a day challenge. Not counting this post, I only have four more to go. It’s a pretty good feeling to be almost done. I got a text today from a friend who told me she was really proud of me for getting through it this far. This friend doesn’t hand out those type of compliments like candy, so I felt pretty darn good.And now I feel better because my sister gave me Cheerwine for lunch today. She’s the best. (And let the sister fighting begin…now!)

Last night I told you guys to post names for my car. Well only a few of you actually did, and most of those were from family through text. But I guess it’s better that way because then I don’t have to tell you that I chose a name I thought of instead. When I sat in my car this morning, the name Jocelyn came to mind, and I can’t shake it. I’ve heard some pretty good contenders, but Jocelyn still wins. So sorry if you had high hopes for your name idea. Go buy your own car and the problem will be solved.

I also feel very rejuvenated today. There’s something about a good Christmas break, new work clothes, and a bunch of car payments to make me feel like a real adult. Maybe that’s it. I feel less like a kid playing dress-up and more like someone whose entire savings account is about to be depleted. Let’s cross our fingers for no accidents or health issues these next…3-5 years. I don’t think I can afford any emergencies. (Just kidding mom, I’ll be okay.)

Maybe it’s the Cheerwine talking, but I feel like I could take over the world. I love that feeling of being invincible. I know I’m not, but it’s still fun for however long it lasts. If I was in New York right now I’d march right into a book publishing company and say “Remember my name, you’ll be publishing my book in a few years.”

I’m sure that won’t be anything new to them, but it would be to me. I feel like that scene in a fighting movie where the hero is preparing for the final battle and there’s epic music in the background, and the whole thing makes you want to go out and exercise. It’s like that minus the part afterward where they get their butts kicked for the first half of the fight.

Except now I drank the Cheerwine too fast and I just feel really full. Let’s change that fight sequence to a nap sequence, and I’ll be all over that.

This is what I like most about the New Year. I don’t make resolutions but I like the feeling of newness. New calenders, new life plans (my preference over a resolution), new opportunities. I like throwing old things away, and I’ve been waiting all month to chuck this 2013 work calender and use the pretty new one I have. It’s a time when you can change things up and not draw attention to yourself. If you want to create a new you, go for it. Just about everyone else is doing the same thing, and they’ll be so focused on themselves they won’t be there scrutinizing you every step of the way.

So I encourage you to use this time to embrace change and make the best of it, ready or not. Jump into opportunities and explore possibilities without taking everyone’s advice (I suggest stick to a few people you trust, too much advice is possibly worse than no advice). If this stuff scares you, tell yourself it doesn’t until you actually believe it.

Enjoy the jamz:


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