I almost forgot to blog today.

I didn’t remember until I was coming home from my parent’s house. I set an alarm and everything so I wouldn’t forget by the time I got back to my apartment.

Today has been a crazy day.

I bought a new car.

And I learned that I never want to work at a car dealership.

This morning I had a slice of Oreo creme pie left over from Christmas dinner, and then some chicken minis from Chikfila on the way to the first dealership. After that I didn’t eat until we were done and the vehicle was bought, roughly nine hours later.

I’ve gone longer without eating (fasting), but coupled with the stress of high-pressure negotiations I thought for a minute my stomach might explode before my head did. Everyone kept saying, “Smile, you’re buying a new car!” and all I could think of was a Firehouse turkey sub.

But then, after much hassling and paperworking, the deal was complete and I drove my new car off the lot. It wasn’t until I was halfway to my parent’s house that I realized buying a new car this year was one of my goals, and I don’t set very many of those.

This may sound silly or it may sound smart, but I rarely set goals, and when I set them, I make darn well sure they are within reach. I’m not really a reach for the stars kind of girl. Maybe with book writing, but that’s just the territory. If the goal doesn’t seem attainable, I’m not going to kill myself trying to reach it. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like I’m lazy. I just don’t want to waste my time on something that isn’t going to happen.

Sure you can argue that you never know until you try, but since I don’t have a good rebuttal for that yet, I just ignore it. So don’t try it on me because it will fall on deaf ears. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

I also never make a New Years Eve resolution. Partially because I like going against the flow, like any misunderstood writer would. But mostly because I don’t want to be bound to some stupid promise I’ve made for a full year. No, I don’t think that of marriage, or renting apartments, or buying cars. Those things are all different and aren’t in this category so don’t even bring them up when you argue with me, because I’ll just ignore you again.

I’m talking about things like 1) eating healthier, 2) reading a book a month, or 3) bathing every day. Stupid things like that are 1) vague, 2) you can do them in less time than that, or 3) can be completely inconvenient. I just think New Year’s Resolutions tend to depress people more than anything else.

And I don’t make them because I know I’ll break them. So why do it in the first place? Exactly.

Also, I’m taking suggestions for what to name my car. It’s a girl, and she’s sassy. Leave a comment with a name and I’ll consider it and let you know when I make my decision.


These guys are awesome. I didn’t watch the music video and I’m too tired to watch it now. So sorry if it sucks or the sound quality is bad. I’ll check it later.


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