The thing about nighttime.

I really like how that word looks. Nighttime. It just suggests adventure.

I think there’s something about night in general, especially when people are sleeping, that makes it so…otherworldly. It kind of makes you feel like you know a secret. You stay up late, inside or outside, to read, write, dance, whatever. Whether you’re alone or with someone else, it feels special.

One night a few years ago around this time, I decided to be completely obnoxious. Those of you who know me are probably wondering, what else is new? Well, to you brats, and to the rest of you just curious about my night, I forced two of my roommates to entertain me. It was about midnight and I was strangely awake and restless. I needed to be doing something other than sitting watching television.

So my roommates took me to the park. We weren’t supposed to be there after dark, but you know what rabble rousers three Christian girls can be.

We played on the jungle gym and took pictures jumping off a ledge. We laid on the grass or a picnic table or something and looked at the stars and talked. Four would have ruined it. Three was perfect.

There’s nothing wrong with four friends. It’s just sometimes too many. And if you’re sharing secrets, you don’t want to lose the feeling of it actually being a secret.

This only works at nighttime though. Being in a dark room in broad daylight isn’t the same. Even if you have glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to your ceiling like I do (or did, and will again). It has to be night, preferably between the hours of 11pm and 3am. That’s when people get vulnerable and real. If you want to learn about someone, keep them up until then and see what they have to say. I guarantee you it will be twice as real and twice as deep as anything they told you in the daytime.

Why is it that we feel safer from ourselves at night? That’s the only thing that makes sense. That’s the only reason I can think of that would make us actually open up to others. We feel like the person we are in the daytime can’t handle the truth, but the person at night can.

Most of the time I like answers. But this once I’ll be okay with not knowing.


It’s Christmas Eve!


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