Third time’s the charm.

I’ve started over on this post three times already. I just don’t feel like writing right now. I have a list of things to do before I go out of town for my boyfriend’s birthday. I don’t feel like writing this, and I don’t have anything good to say at noon, other than I’m a little hungry.

I tried writing about my living situation, but got about three paragraphs in before I was boring myself. And before that I was writing something about Harry Potter, but I don’t remember what my point was.

A lot of times, actually more often than not for me, writing is rambling. Sometimes I have a point, but it takes me a while to get there. Mostly because it takes me a while to realize what it is. Some writers like to plan out whatever they are writing before they even think of putting a word on a page.

Meanwhile, I’m over here typing away on my keyboard, not having a single idea about what’s going to happen next.

Sure I plan on the bigger things, but only so much. It’s funny that I love planning and being organized in life, but when it comes to writing, I fail miserably.

I don’t think there’s a proper way to do it that works for everyone. Some people have a flow chart, and some people don’t. No one buys the outline to your book, they just buy your book. I don’t really care how you got there in the end, just that you got there.

Maybe that’s my issue with my current book. I’m trying too hard to write the way everyone else is telling me to write, while I should be writing the way I want to write.

If you’re a writer, how do you write?


Sorry if this post was a dud, I have to get to the bank before 2:00 and I have a lot of errands to run. Here’s a song to cheer you up:


5 thoughts on “Third time’s the charm.

  1. I wouldn’t consider myself a writer but usually when I write a blog post I have a general topic in mind, whether it be serious, funny, DIY or informative, and I just sit at the computer and start typing. Sometimes I have to start over several times and other times it just flows. Sometimes the photos I’ve taken for the blog topic guide my writing. Like you, I like to have a plan and be organized in life but when it comes to writing…. Not so much! That’s just what works for me.

    1. Photos definitely help. When I blogged about my gingerbread house catastrophe, it helped that I had already told the story to the people sitting at the table with me. I took pictures throughout the process and it was just a matter of repeating it. If I could include pictures in all of my writing, I would do it!

  2. Melissa

    Not every day is going to be a “blog-worthy” or even a “having enough time to blog” day. I’d to turn your question around and ask you, “How do YOU write?” Because no matter how much advice or inspiration you may get from others, this is your own journey. You’re made into a new person every day and I hope that you get to meet each of these cool, witty, and unique Taylor’s through this process :)

    1. So true, yet still so hard. It’s definitely something I’ve been coming face to face with each day I blog. I definitely feel like I’m pushing myself past the limits of what I thought I was capable of and what I even cared to write about.

      1. Melissa

        Writing is simply an “accent” to the language of talking. It’s not exactly necessary to communicate, and will definitely be hard because it takes that creative willpower to bring your thoughts to life through written word. You have to think about flow and grammar and your audience…and how this is going to be forever cemented on the Internet too! If you’d like some advice, these are a few tips I was given through blogging:
        1. Keep your posts as short and clear as possible.
        2. Inspiration came come from a direct source (ex. quote, song, movie) but make your own interpretations through the source.
        3. Don’t reveal too much. Your audience is smart and will appreciate if you give them the little pieces so they can see the big pictures themselves.
        Hope this helps!

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