Why did I wear heels today?

And not just any heels. My most uncomfortable ones. Why did I do it? Because I thought I’d be sitting down all day.


Maybe it’s just Christmas getting closer or me being alone all week, but my emotions have been all over the place. One minute I’m stoked to spend Christmas with my family, the next minute I’m stressing that they won’t like their gifts.

My Christmas budget was tight this year. Between paying my bills and getting ready to buy a new car, I wasn’t really into buying everyone $20+ gifts. So sorry family, but you all got couple gifts. But my view on it is, if two people (say, sister and brother-in-law) can go in together on a gift for me, I can do the same back, right? I think it’s acceptable, and I’m crossing my fingers they do too.

My gifts are also kind of random. Everyone got movie packs. A movie, snacks and whatnot, and toys for the kiddos. My thought was to give them something the whole family can do together that also won’t break the bank.

Plus won’t my presence count for anything?

Anyway that was a really long rant that I didn’t mean to go on. I haven’t had time today to think about a blog post, so I’m flying by the seat of my pants…or not, because I’m in a dress.

It’s funny how this time of year, which is supposed to be joyful and magical turns into stressful and often brings out the ugly in people. Why is that? What is it about this season that turns people ugly?

Personally, I think a lot of it has to do with us being more focused on giving the gift than about the person receiving it.

Wait, Taylor, isn’t that the same thing?

No, not really.

Everyone says it’s about giving, not about receiving. Well, I don’t know about that.

Sure, I agree it’s not about receiving things ourselves. Heck, Christmas isn’t about any of that stuff at all, but from a worldly perspective where gifts are the focus of Christmas, the act of giving can be very selfish. We often want to out-give the other person. Make their gift to us pale in comparison. It’s like a whole holiday dedicated to one-upping each other.

Like I said, Christmas has nothing to do with gifts and all that jazz, that’s just where the ugliness of people comes into play, so that’s why I’m focusing on it.

I think if we directed our attention to the person receiving the gift rather than us giving the gift, the whole holiday would go a lot smoother, and your heart would feel a lot better. Feeling like someone took the time to think about you in picking out or making a gift is what makes the present special, not the present itself. Or at least that’s how I feel anyway.

People like other people to think about them. In a good way, that is. It’s human nature. Hoping that my gift to someone else is really good is the wrong way to look at it. It’s not the gift, it’s the person. And it’s about time. It’s always about time with me.

Spending time with someone. Spending time for someone. Those are things you can’t put a price on. And maybe I’m alone in this thought, but I’m happier for thinking this way. I don’t remember half of the things my parents have bought me over the years, but I do remember sitting by the tree unwrapping whatever it was, and taking turns with my parents while they opened their gifts, and laughing about something silly one of us says or does on Christmas morning. Those are my most precious memories of gift giving.

I just wish more people thought of it that way.




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