Sweet, sweet silence.

They say you never stop learning about yourself. Well, friends, that is true.

Today my boyfriend came over to study and watch his singing shows. He apparently works better when he multi-tasks. I personally think this is bologna, but to each his own I guess. Though how you can study, flip channels between The Sing Off and The X Factor while singing along, I will never know.

And the whole time I was tempted to strangle him.

Yes, I already suffer from a lack of patience, but I also thrive in the sound of silence. I literally couldn’t think of a single thing to write about. Gave up. Took a shower. Thought some more. Watched his shows. Straightened my hair. Had a slight mental breakdown. Realized the problem. And now I’m writing.

The TV is also off by the way. (But the shows are also over.)

There’s nothing wrong with different styles of learning and productivity, I just discovered tonight that I don’t have the ability to jump from one style to the other. I am strictly silence. Maybe some music, but not any with words.

Some people may say that a true artist can make art in any condition, under any circumstance, rain or shine or whatever. I say that’s just asking people to feel inadequate. Sure you should push through the tough times, because when you’re under pressure to deliver, that’s when you really develop a sense of who you are. But you also shouldn’t compromise writing a decent blog post because you can’t handle all of the singing that’s going on in your living room.

That’s where the fine line of negotiation comes in, between you and whatever style is not so you. If you have to write at a certain time of day because it’s more conducive to your style, do it. It’s something that I’m learning. And hopefully something I’ll be better at by the time this month is over.


I love this song. And yes it has words.:

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