I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

I stared at this blank page for a while, and then I went on Facebook, watched a new music video by Rebecca Black, and then thought about how hungry I am. Now I’m staring at this page thinking about how equally terrifying and exciting it is.

Think about whatever your blank page is. Maybe an undesigned website for a new client, an empty roll of film, or a canvas you have yet to paint on. Whatever it may be, I think you can agree that the idea of creating something out of nothing is extremely thrilling. You have no limitations (well, maybe a few if you consider what colors of paint you don’t have) and no rules to tell you how you should or shouldn’t make your art.

Yea, there are a few. I can’t jumble letters together and consider it a suitable blog post. I don’t think 500 words of ishfosah sudhaohds sfhasofh fdhcz would get very many followers. But thinking about how I can literally write about anything I want that strikes me as interesting is a breath of fresh air when I consider how rules dominate every other aspect of my life. Yes, I’m talking about work.

But as wonderful and intriguing as this blank page is, it is equally as terrifying and daunting. I have no starting point other than the random thoughts floating around in my head. Having no rules is as much of a curse as it is a blessing. Maybe if people just gave me some ideas I could write something easier. But that’s not how you grow as an artist, or as a human being.

Each new day is a blank page. What are you going to write on it? How are you going to live out your own personal story if you keep taking advice from everyone around you, and you don’t dare to step out on your own? Boring stories are filled with hesitations, lack of confidence and conflict, and perfection. No one wants to read Harry Potter and the Dark Lord He Killed in the First Book.

Every day is a new chance to write your story. A new chapter to twist and turn your plot to make something beautiful and full of adventure. Waking up to a blank page is scary, but don’t allow fear from writing something memorable.

When you’re on your last chapter, what are you going to remember?


If only she did more stuff like this. Really digging this whole gypsy-folk vibe.

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