Where/who I thought I’d be by now…

Eight years ago:
-A published writer.
-Driving a really cool car.
-Maybe still dancing somehow.

Four years ago (freshman in college):
-Working somewhere really cool and NOT in Florida.
-Engaged. Both of my sisters were at this time so I figured I would be too.
-Published and famous, potentially with multiple bids to represent my work and a nice fat check in my savings account.
-Living with all of my best friends, like, ever.

Four months ago:
-Living with my parents.
-Living on the street.
-Working multiple part time jobs.
-Doing nothing with my life because it was a giant black hole.

I don’t write all of that to seem depressing, or to suggest that it’s pointless to dream. Goals and dreams are always worth striving for, they just don’t always happen in the time limits we set. My life has not turned out the way I thought it would at all, and I’m thankful for that. I’m glad not everything on my wish list came true. Yes, I still hope to be a published writer someday, more so for the love of reading than for the love of a paycheck, and sometimes I still fear having to live with my parents (I love you guys, but I think neither of us wants me to move back in).

Sometimes it’s just interesting to look at the evolution of thought and see where my life has taken me. I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve been motivated and I’ve been disinterested. And I’ve definitely been afraid that I would never find a full-time job.

But every life is like a story, and what good is a story if it didn’t have a little conflict?

Where I am now:
-Working full-time at a radio station actually utilizing my degree, unlike most college graduates these days.
-Still working on my book, but feeling confident that it’s the one.
-In a serious relationship with someone I love.
-Living on my own with some friends, independent and about to buy a car all by myself. (Well, money-wise anyway. I’m still making dad come with me.)

Yes, I complain a lot. Yes, waking up in the morning can be hard knowing that I spend the majority of my day at work. Yes, sometimes I want to throw my computer in the trash because the words in my story just don’t seem to come out right. And yes, I love it. All of it. It’s an adventure. And doesn’t everyone want a good adventure? Or if not good by their definition, at least an interesting one?


3 thoughts on “Where/who I thought I’d be by now…

  1. DAD

    OMGosh don’t look now but this sounds kinda grown up. What happened to my little girl? Where did the time go? Oh yeah and we seem to have the same fear. LOL

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