Words are sexist.

I guess people made them that way. But the whole concept makes me mad. And now we treat the issue like it’s nonexistent. Actually I take that back, people probably don’t even know it’s an issue. Maybe you’re one of them and have no clue what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about sexist words. And no I don’t mean words like waitress and waiter. Now that I think about it, it’s really just one word that makes me angry.

And that word is beautiful.

Beautiful really is a beautiful word. Overused perhaps, but special in the right mouth. So why does it make me angry?

Because the world has reserved it for women. Women and womanly things (as defined by whoever). But I call my car beautiful! Yea, well, you also call your car a “her” so I don’t think it counts.

There are so many beautiful things in this world and if I want to use the word beautiful to describe them, then I’m going to. Situations can be beautiful. Beautifully whole or beautifully broken. Nature can be beautiful. The concrete kind or the green kind. People can be beautiful. And by people I mean guys too. If I want to call my boyfriend beautiful then I’m going to call him beautiful and know he won’t take offense. Maybe because he knows me so well, or maybe because he sees what I see. Beautiful is so much more than outer appearance and should never be used lightly.

It’s silly to let the worlds association of words with a particular gender dictate how we use that word. Yes I get that words have a dictionary definition, and I’m not saying we should chuck the ol’ Oxford and start using words willy-nilly (sorry, I couldn’t resist). But I do think we should try to use words without having a complete consultation with their history. Look past the world’s blind meaning of a word and into my context. There’s so much more meaning there than you’re giving me credit for.

And if you shed all the limitations you’ve given yourself, you just may find something beautiful, too.

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