I’m becoming addicted to tea.

That’s about it in regards to tea. I really like it. Maybe too much.

In other news I figured I’d take the time to be a little vulnerable with you all. Take off the mask, so to speak.

I really really really hate waiting.

Monumental, I know. Who likes to wait? No one, that’s who. I can’t think of a single person or instance where waiting is fun or exciting. I’m so excited for Christmas time, but I have to wait for Thanksgiving to pass first (no offense to Thanksgiving, but I’m really just waiting for it to be socially acceptable to jam out to Christmas music and Trans Siberian Orchestra).

But really, it’s sad to live life in a perpetual state of waiting.

I’m waiting for the weekend. I’m waiting to go to South Carolina with my best friend. I’m waiting for my vacation around New Years. Waiting to find out how my manuscript did with the SCBWI Florida contest. Waiting waiting blah blah. How sad is that? And then when that thing you have been waiting so long for comes and goes, how empty do you feel?

Not that it’s a bad thing to build up your excitement for something. But I don’t think we should live for that thing we are waiting for. That just seems like such a hollow life.

Granted this is a lot more difficult to put into action being sick (yes I’m still sick, along with my addiction to tea, I’m quickly remembering my fondness for this inhaler…) but that’s just me being a baby. I should be living for the present, not just for the future. Yes, I should have the future in mind. That is how we accomplish goals, after all. But if I put all of my energy into one event after another, the in-between is going to be very lonely.

So here’s my charge to you and myself. Stop waiting and start doing. Doing what? Anything, friend. Just do anything (you know, anything that isn’t illegal, or is a bad choice in general). Stop living for that one special moment and live for all the moments, even the bland, not-so-special ones. I think you’ll be surprised to find that those moments will turn special too.

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