This blog is the same as my last one.

Well I guess I can just stop there. I’ve pretty much said it all. I used to have a blog on another site and for whatever reason, I felt the need to transfer to WordPress. I’ve had this blog for about a year without doing anything with it, because I wanted my first post to be perfect. Should I post my writing? Something religious? What I ate for dinner? Oh wait, that’s what Instagram is for.

So what did I decide to make this blog?

The story of my journey to becoming a published writer.

Dang. That’s unique.

And like you might have surmised from my title, it’s what my last blog was about.

Still, I like the idea of documenting this annoying, frustrating, aggravating, (insert synonym here), and somehow awesome path I’ve chosen. In a world where hipsters are warring against the paperbacks, and the publishing elite are gathering their forces against the self-publishing tycoons, why not share my pitfalls and successes? It might make for an entertaining read, especially if you’re in the same boat and need someone to sympathize with. I am here my friend, along with countless others who are blogging about the same thing.

I can’t guarantee that this blog is going to be riveting, off-the-cuff, and so unique that it will knock the socks off of every agent who happens to stumble upon it. But I can guarantee that it’s going to be 100% me. I’m not one to sugarcoat my emotions. I prefer a blunt delivery, unless you’re breaking up with me, then at least buy me a Reese’s to soften the blow. But I digress.

I’m currently suffering from large project writer’s block. Hence my sudden initiative to write a blog. This is about as short as it gets, until I tweet about it that is. Also I hate Twitter.


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